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July 28, 2022 Press Release


July 28, 2022

Contact: Dianna Shaw,, 205-764-3434

American POW in Russian-Controlled Captivity Reports Being Moved

Alex Drueke and Andy Huynh, U.S. citizens with the Ukraine Army taken captive in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, have reportedly been moved to a prison in an unspecified location, according to Drueke’s mother.

Drueke called his mother, Lois “Bunny” Drueke, today for the first time in 20 days. He had previously made several calls between June 23 and July 8.

“He sounded strong and clear-minded. He said he and Andy have been moved to a traditional prison, that they are no longer in solitary confinement but that they are together now 24/7,” Mrs. Drueke said. “He said a third man is in the cell with them but he did not reveal his name and I did not ask because I didn’t want the call to be cut off if I got too nosy,” Mrs. Drueke said. “That happened once before,” she explained.

Drueke asked for the number of the family’s case manager at the U.S. Department of State, which Mrs. Drueke provided him.

“To me, this suggests that maybe Alex and Andy are with different captors now who did not already have this information,” Mrs. Drueke said.

The State Department confirmed to Mrs. Drueke that Drueke placed a call to them after he called her. They did not disclose to her the suspected location of the prison nor the identity of the third man in the cell with Drueke and Huynh, although they indicated that they have that intelligence.

“They said they couldn’t share further specifics with me yet due to privacy considerations for the third man’s family,” Mrs. Drueke said.

Mrs. Drueke was able to share with her son some of what she learned in a virtual meeting with Michael Abbott and John Cooney from the State Department on July 22.

“I told him that they said he and Andy are ‘top priorities’ for our government,” Mrs. Drueke said. “I explained that with the UK POWs, only one of them has been the ‘spokesperson’ allowed to call, just like how only Alex has been calling and not Andy,” Mrs. Drueke said.

“I let him know that Joy [Black, Huynh’s fiancée] and I are looking forward to an upcoming virtual meeting with the Ambassador from Ukraine,” she said. “And I told him the International Committee of the Red Cross is still trying to schedule a wellness visit to make sure they are being treated correctly as POWs.”

Mrs. Drueke also informed him that the U.S. Government has openly offered to negotiate with the Kremlin for an exchange for Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan.

“Alex said, ‘That’s encouraging!’” Mrs. Drueke said.

“Our hearts are with Griner’s and Whelan’s families and we hope their detentions are resolved soon,” Dianna Shaw, Alex’s aunt, said. “Our situation is different of course because Alex and Andy are lawful combatants being held as Prisoners of War, but we continue to hold faith that our men are being treated according to international standards of the Geneva Conventions and that they will be released soon.”

According to his mother, Drueke seemed glad to hear that she had hand-delivered Huynh’s personal items to Miss Black and that Huynh’s Bible and engagement ring were among the items. He indicated that this would be welcomed news to Huynh.

“I’m just so relieved our men are together now, and happy that I could pass messages of love and support to Andy through Alex,” Mrs. Drueke said.